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Unleash Your Team's
Ability to Innovate

We facilitate learning and shifts in thinking with your leaders of change to build human connections, foster innovative and strategic thinking, and move visions forward.

Our Programs

In industries ranging from financial services to healthcare, we've worked with groups as small as 3 and as large as 3,000 people.

What We Do

Solutions Provided, LLC engages individuals in learning through executive coaching, training and team development to support organizational growth and change.

Since 1996, our consultants have partnered with clients to boost results through improved leadership and communications among global teams. Our clients are in sectors as diverse as financial services, healthcare, and non for profits.

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Engage and Transform Talent

Solutions Provided LLC coaching, consulting and workshops provide tools, proven methodologies and processes for individuals, teams and organizations that actually get you results so that you reach your desired outcomes and success.

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Jacquelyn Says…


“Communicate, Connect, Engage, Collaborate, Innovate, Influence, Lead, Change, Transform, Learn and Adapt while moving forward fast!”

Invigorate, engage & transform individual, team and organizational talent.

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