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How we Roll!

Why is Amazon doing so well? I have a simple answer to that question and then we can unpack it with more context. People would rather order off their devices then deal with humans that provide little to no value. When people fail to provide value, listen and understand we avoid the experience. Hence ordering on line is easy, quick, in my time and space with little interference.

Why do talented people work for someone else rather than start their own company? They want to do the work they love and not deal with the humans who ask and expect more of them then they want to deal with. They would rather avoid and hide behind working for someone else then make more money and run the business. They want to avoid money conversations and potential conflict. They don’t want to manage people , schedules and systems.

Why do teenagers prefer to socialize with gaming and in virtual groups opposed to getting together to hang out? Gaming software follows consistent rules, patterns and consequences. Kids know what to expect and they understand the pattern. When dealing with real life humans and adults , the message, rules and patterns can shift. This can be confusing. They want to know what to expect.

So what is the point of all of this? Challenge yourself to understand what you are pulled to and why, what you avoid and why and what people or types of people you are drawn too, in business and personal situations. The answers to those questions will give you insight about your preferences and patterns. Dig deep to understand what it is you are avoiding and how that drives your choices. Live a life being attracted to positive energy and outlets opposed to avoidance.

Enjoy whatever you choose to do today in whatever fashion you are drawn too. I am Jacquelyn Wieland and I-Effect Leaders thru coaching, consulting and speaking.

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