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"Change happens when a person is motivated and has the ability, insight & opportunity to optimize performance." Jacquelyn Wieland

Leaders that drive results, understand the importance of showing up with courage, consistency and clarity, they realize the value of relationships, behaviors and communication to motivate teams & achieve goals. Understanding how one’s behavior & leadership style impacts others is the key that unlocks the full potential of a successful, aligned leader who can effectively transform organizations and inspire individuals.

We use a Systematic Developmental Approach to evaluate & untangle behavior that may be creating barriers to achieving maximum success. We offer tools to help you move passed barriers and unlock your authentic leadership style to become a more engaged & impactful leader. Understanding behavior, your own and that of others, is the key that unlocks successful, aligned leaders that can transform organizations, teams, and individuals.

In coaching, consulting or facilitating, we believe that personal & professional leadership success begins with an in depth understanding of self and others. The first step in our tiered approach for individual and corporate team relationships, begins with conducting a client individual assessment. Jacquelyn holds certification status in several proven in-depth assessment tools. We will identify & utilize the best tool to assess each client and explore the findings in a one-on-one debrief. Understanding the dynamics of one’s self and others is a crucial element in identifying opportunities, challenges and defining a clear path forward for yourself and your team.

Explore some of the many subject matter topics and offerings Solutions Provided specializes in to help you reach your goals. Contact us to learn more and to discuss ways we can customize & design solutions specific to your needs.

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