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I-Effect Leaders – How do you show up?

I-Effect Leaders coaching increases awareness, influence and impact skills that help you advance in relationships and your profession. It has been my experience, when coaching and working with various leadership levels that time management boundaries and behavioral leadership consistency are inconsistent or missing. Your head talk response to that might be “No kidding! Here’s the deal, we push back at the wrong times on one the wrong issues and we spent to much time in the muck. My observation includes people being reactive and stuck in behavioral, communication and control patterns that are ultimately ineffective.

In order to be a truly impactful effective leader in life, you have to get out of your way. It takes work to show up as you were intended to, with purpose and perspective. Leaders who show up consistently make differences, influence situations and individuals to drive change and transformation.

Think about this! If you are late for meetings, tele-presence calls, and cancel on commitments; you have created a consistent pattern with your peers and the people in your life. They may view you as inconsistent, a poor manager of your time, talent and boundaries. What ever patterns of behavior we display to others shapes their expectations of us.

If you are showing up consistently inconsistent, the trail that you are leaving in your leadership wake for others to clean up will cause reactive behavior, disruption and delay. Your actions can hurt and confuse people by creating chaos and confusion. Your inconsistent behaviors condition those who look to you for leadership and direction to expect very little from you by way of consistent patterns. They don’t trust, respect or value you as your word is like air always moving and changing leaving your leadership position fragile.

If you see yourself in this you are not alone. This description talks to some of the behaviors that challenge leadership and it has been my experience that most people do not feel in control of their schedule and time, hence the impact of poor leadership skills. If you want to shift how you show up, consistently, lead, impact and influence others, I would love the opportunity to help disrupt you, to make meaningful shifts in your approach. Our clients experience significant shifts in their approach and career within 6 months.

Our high potential coaching program develops the influence skills needed to get to the next level or position. More then that, it disrupts you enough to look inside and answer the tough questions and get real about making meaning leadership shifts.

Learn more about Solutions Provided coaching for high potentials and how we can help you and your high potentials.

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