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I-Effect Leaders Launch

I-Effect Leaders Coaching Community

I-Effect Leaders Lounge in September 2017. We unlock individuals innate & authentic leadership style so that they become engaged, impactful and aligned leaders.

We will be coaching on insight & influence around agility & flexibility and time management & boundaries.

Please let me know if you would be interested in learning more or committing to two group sessions. You will have one private session that will include a debrief of “The Birkman Method” assessment and one session on leadership behaviors that have impact. This is part of the I-Effect Leaders series. Thanks for your consideration. You may contact me at Jacquelyn@solutionsprovided.com for more details.

I-Effect Coaching Power Pack

  • Six focused one-hour coaching sessions
  • Birkman report & coaching guide
  • Focused development plan
  • Target one to two areas
  • Define and set goals
  • Create action plan
  • Execute plan for growth
  • Cultivate relations of influence

Jacquelyn Wieland

Executive Coach, Global Speaker, Facilitator, and Learning & Development Consultant

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