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Reality of Purpose

Over the past 6 months, really 10 years, perhaps most of my adult life I have experienced an inner struggle of who I knew I was and my potential contrasting with how I presented myself to my circles and connections in business, community and personally. In a coaching conversation yesterday with a bold-hearted peer, this question surfaced. What is your heart calling you to be? Exactly who are you?

These questions do not have answers that roll off the tip of your tongue with great clarity. They evoke an emotional reaction and in the process they push to clarity and a lighter sensation of personal truth of purpose. They require you to strip down and get real. To run through life naked allowing people to see your imperfections and judge you.

Wait! Mindshift moment and reset in thinking. They allow you to get out of your own way and show up as God intended. The answers allow you to live your divine purpose, making your most amazing contributions throughout your unique, magnificent offerings, that only you can uniquely present to the world. Wow!

Today, I am getting out of my way and I am showing up as who I was born to be. I am insightful and inspiring, with the ability to absorb those I interact with, in order to be a truth teller, who impacts and influences others. I am an edgy, intuitive visionary, who is charming, funny, real with a Texas accent. Conversations are devoured with reality & meaningful depth, involving tears and laughter leaving the participants feeling purged and giddy. Ultimately energized by the interchange; directed with courage to move forward, clinging to the rare moment experienced like puppies finding their footing.

Today, showing up as intended to be, getting out of my way in order to be the most amazing catalyst of truth and courage, I can be for you. I choose to serve you in a way that is tough, edgy, real and loving. I choose to be brave and present as we work through personal walls, excuses,and boundaries to get to our truth and show up as our most amazing magnificent self – who we were born to be.

Come get our of your own way with me. Go take on this amazing day! Enjoy the journey!

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