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Trust, Influence and Alignment

We each believe things should flow a certain way. We expect what we expect and we look for patterns of conformity and comfort. Unfortunately, we live and perform in a highly regulated, monitored, complex and compressed environment. Clarity of message and expectation is lacking. Acceptance of feedback and direction is situational.

We intuitively trust consistency that lines up with our internal needs and expectations. We perform well for leaders who are consistent and clear in their message and expectations. Did I mention the importance of consistency? Do you know why your children like gaming? It has rules, clear patterns of success and consequence. It is not situational. Children learn to trust that and actually pull away from adults who do not provided clear, consistent, supportive messaging. Think about that!

It has been said, that you cannot lead unless you can influence. You cannot influence if you do not establish a level of rapport and connection. If you have been ask to align with stakeholders and collaborate with others, you need to understand how you are showing up and how others perceive you. People will speed read and access you within milliseconds. We experience people in slices of time and in situational moments.

It is important that you understand how others experience you in contrast to how you think they experience you. It is very powerful to unlock your awareness and you ability to show up consistently and connect fully. As a Leadership Strategist, I work with leaders to unlock their full potential. Enjoy your journey! Jacquelyn

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